Thursday, June 5, 2014

Today's Photos: At the Old Ball Game, Old Ball Friends

Old friends Joyce and John Montgomery.
Mike Ashley in his Cuba Reds hat.
One of the true joys of baseball (the only one I can find, frankly) is that the game is so slow and so inconsequential that it affords those attending plenty of opportunity to catch up on old times, new times, odd times and any times.

Thus, tonight. I ran into a bunch of old buddies at the Salem Red Sox game against Frederick and it was a real hoot. Mike Ashley was in from D.C., John and Joyce Montgomery were there and so was Rob Fries, a colleague from the Business Journal days who's penning a new book as we speak.

It was a time to hold forth and nobody is better at that than these three guys (Joyce politely and patiently listens).

My buddy Janeson Keeley, who went with me, ran into a whole passel of old Andrew Lewis High School/Salem High classmates, all at our bunched tables and, of course that led to discoveries--like her new name, which is vastly different from her old name. And Janeson had to teach them all how to pronounce it. Fun times.

Janeson and her friend Sue England.
Rob Freis and me.
Rob and John and Rob's lovely wife enjoy their brews.
Mike and I celebrate baseball caps.

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