Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Partnership from RRWC

Alice de Sturler teaching at RRWC
The Roanoke Regional Writers Conference continues to produce partnerships between and among writers, some of which are actually producing income.

The most notable pairing has been that of Beth Macy and Roland Lazenby, both of whom have huge books out now from Little Brown (and Jugg). They sat down between classes two years ago, Beth has told me, and Roland grilled Beth about what she was working on. She told the story of an industrialist in Martinsville who was working to keep jobs in the U.S. "You ought to write a book about that," Roland said and then proceeded to give her chapter and verse of "how to." Roland is great that way.

Now we have more partnerships (among the many). The following is from Alice de Sturler, whose true crime blog has won national awards in the last year or so and who teamed with Terri Leidich a few months ago (both have taught at RRWC):

"I have joined Terri Leidich's BQB as client and function as their freelance blog manager. Also, the lovely Sarah Beth Jones and I will put our heads together for some fall workshops.
"My latest project is this: This blog will feature writers and artists from the greater NRV area. I wish to highlight the hidden gems we have here. If you know of writers/artists who should be on this blog, please let me know. If you can, could you post about this project on yours and invite people to suggest local gems to me?"
My latest project is this:

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