Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gratutide: Good Health Is a Fleeting Gift Unless Guarded

Today, I am grateful for:

Good health. After last night's little episode with dizziness, nausea and heavy sweating, I am especially cognitant that health is a gift and must be treated with a delicate hand. The stumble last night was likely a diabetic warning (though I don't know that for certain) and it came in the wake of me eating three ounces of banana bread--which had sugar and white flour in it, both forbidden. I know better than that and the bread should not have even been in the house. I have called my primary care doc to see what's up.
Today, I get to be ever more conscious of who and what I am. Twenty years ago, I had to learn to wake every morning and say out loud, "I am an alcoholic. What am I going to do today to keep the booze away?" That recognition has been of enormous value. So, this morning, I am an alocholic with a diabetes problem. Take that you scuz.

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