Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some Good News After All the Losses

When I reluctantly and unceremoniously was sent crashing to the bottom of the (2-foot-deep) Roanoke River yesterday, I lost more than my favorite little camera, my dignity, the inflate canister for my life jacket and my phone (temporarily).

Today, as I was running what I thought was late for an appointment, I noticed that my watch had stopped and gathered a little mist in the crystal. Dead. I wasn't late. The watch had stopped, another victim of the river. That's the most ever for one spill and I've gone out in some big rivers.

This watch--$8 I think--was the biggest loss, though, because my grandgirl Maddie gave it to me, saying, "That is just YOU, Pampa." I was temporarily heartbroken in a way that material goods don't usually affect me, thinking it was gone from my life. But, hey, sometimes we get lucky. I went by Big Lots, where Mads bought the watch, on the outside chance there would be another. You see my success story pictured here. I'm just tickled to death.

The original is now on my mantle with a great story and the new one will remind me--as the old one did--of the best little girl I know. Yay, life!

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