Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How the Kochs Helped Upset Eric Cantor

The Koch brothers: Know your enemy, OUR enemy, America's enemy.
"Once you've realized that David Brat wasn't just some random college professor but was actually the hand-picked candidate of the libertarian billionaire class and its army of talk radio hosts, it's easy to see another one of the major reasons Eric Cantor lost.

"We're living in a brave new world of dark money politics, and in this day and age, doing what Eric Cantor did - hanging out with the Chamber of Commerce, K Street, and Wall Street - only gets you so far. If you want to win these days, you need to win the support of the Kochs, their libertarian billionaire friends, and their allies in the talk radio world. ...

"Don't kid yourselves. David Brat's victory wasn't a fluke; it was a test run. The Kochs and their cronies now have a blueprint for how to beat establishment Republicans all across the country. For them, the revolution has just begun."

--The Daily Team, Thom Hartmann (entire article here)


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  1. Very discouraging, even if in the short run the Republicans have kneecapped themselves.