Monday, June 23, 2014

Photo of the Day: Happy Anniversary Evan and Kara

Kara, Madeline, Oz, Evan: A happy family with good parents and great kids.
It was 13 years ago today that I went over to one of Kara's gorgeous bridesmaids and, shortly before the ceremony started, instructed her thusly, "Go into the fire station and get one of the firemen to ring the bell when Evan kisses Kara and they're married. Just bat those beautiful eyes and they'll fall all over each other to accommodate." I was right: I thought we were going to have a fireman riot to get it done.

Ev and Kara were in the plaza across from Fire Station No. 1 in Roanoke, getting married among the ginko trees. It was a pretty setting and a good wedding. Later that evening, at the reception, I got a photo of Ev and all his groomsguys standing at urinals in the men's bathroom peeing. It was a classic shot with all those tuxedos.

Ev and Kara met in high school, he a lacrosse player, she the team manager. They didn't think much of it then, but after college, they met again and there were sparks. Time does that.

I've been delighted that they are so well paired and that they are extraordinary parents. Kara's parents taught her; Evan's mother apparently taught him 'cause I didn't.

I'm proud of them both, making such a good home in such a difficult world.

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