Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here Are the Real Reasons Eric Cantor Lost

Eric Cantor will have to adjust more than his glasses.
"Cantor became detached from his district and frankly was the least likable politician in Congress," said the staffer. "Most people hate Congress but like their particular Member of Congress -- Cantor never met that bar. Erick Erickson was right, the immigration angle is overblown, Cantor never cared about immigration. If anything the GOP Leadership built up expectations on shutting down the government and repealing Obamacare that were inevitably going to come back to bite them. Obamacare is here to stay, everybody knows that, and the monster Eric Cantor helped create came back to destroy him."

"One conservative recently told me that Cantor's staff were the 'biggest bunch of assholes on the Hill.' ... Cantor lost his race because he was running for Speaker of the House of Representatives while his constituents wanted a congressman," said pundit Eric Erickson.

All "the pundits declaring the establishment's victory over the tea party was premature ejaculation," said one Democratic lawmaker.

--Richmond Times-Dispatch.



  1. Don't know much about Cantor or the man who beat him. Will the change make a difference?

  2. Joseph: That remains to be seen, but we're at least hoping it can't get worse, which keeps happening, despite what we all believe. Cantor is an intensely aggressive, arrogant, dismissive careerist who was in line to be the Speaker of the House. If this guy is to the right of him, I'll be surprised, but in any case, he won't be in leadership for quite a while, if ever.