Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo Essay: Old Man Doug Doughty in the Pool

Doug Doughty at the ready.
Nice form on the dive.
Breathing easy with the breast stroke.
Relaxing at the end and surveying the damage.
My old (really old) colleague Doug Doughty, a very good sportswriter for many years at a local daily newspaper in Roanoke, has been a competitive swimmer for years and one of the driving forces in local competitive swimming. He's also on my grandgirl's Hunting Hills Swim Club team (it became her team when she joined it; ask her) and was in action yesterday at the Stonegate Swim Club in Salem.

Here's what an old man looks like in competition. Actually, I was impressed. I'm not sure I could do half a lap, but Doug's been recruiting me for two weeks. He won't win that one.

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