Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Cool Spot on a Warm Night

I bought the one 2nd shelf, dead center. Looks like a phone.
In an effort to extend the day Monday, I thought maybe a book light would get me well into the darkness and as I left Panera Bread (my new homeplate), I walked straight across the street to Plow & Hearth, thinking, "shoot, these people will have a battery powered light." Sure did. $69.95 for the lamp, $49.95 for a goose-neck thingy that has a solar kicker.

Thought that a bit pricey for a few days of reading. The book's good, but not that good. Sears loomed across the way, but before that was Barnes & Noble and I thought, "Book. Book light." Inspired. Got what I wanted for $10 and read until about 11. Cool. Well, not exactly not cool yet, but less warm. Little victories are all we're getting right now.

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