Wednesday, July 4, 2012

City of Roanoke Will Pick Up Your Brush and Trees

This Bradford pear in my back yard will be cut up by me and all of it carted away, a city spokesman tells me.
Roanoke's brush collection boys are out today  (July 4) with 31 trucks picking up everything they can and that means they're breaking their own rules about what's eligible because of the special storm circumstances. There is a 4-inch limit on the size of branches that will be picked up under normal circumstances, but I talked to one of the managers earlier and he said his guys would "pick up whatever you put out. This is an emergency and we're trying to accommodate a lot of people's needs."

The city has a Facebook page and a Twitter feed that it is using to notify people. So cut away and go down to RAM House and get some of those good people working for you if it's too much for you to do by yourself. They need the work and you could probably use the help.

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