Saturday, July 21, 2012

General Tire Burning in Downtown Roanoke

General Truck and Body in Roanoke fully engaged with flames.
Those driving by stopped to take photos. Cops were not amused.
View from Interstate 581.
The scene above greeted Leah Weiss and me tonight as we returned from a Salem Red Sox baseball game. This is General Truck and Body near 10th Street in Downtown Roanoke burning vigorously. Roanoke's fire apparatus was on the scene, but the police department and state troopers had not yet gotten control of the Interstate traffic passing by.

Drivers slowed to a crawl in order to watch the fire and some even stopped to take photos. Leah shot out of the passenger-side window and got these photos. The cops stopped and gave several tickets as we passed by. It was a dramatic scene that is still fully underway as I write this.


  1. Dan, these are excellent pictures of an impressive fire. If I hadn't joined FB yesterday, I wouldn't even know this was happening. Hope there were no injuries or worse. Thanks for sharing it.

    Lou Bailes
    (Okay, so I'm not anonymous as it says above but I don't know which category to choose for the profile. How 'bout e-mailing me and letting me know what those other choices mean, Dan? Thx!

  2. Lou: Subscribe by using "Live Bookmarks" and you'll get the blog feed. Easy to keep up with if you like the content.