Saturday, July 21, 2012

Maddie and Pampa Pig Out on Frozen Yogurt

We went for a sunset ride in Leah's convertible last night--one of grandgirl Maddie's favorite activities--and made a quick pitstop at McDonald's for some frozen yogurt, not realizing the challenges facing us, and that poor counter clerk who had to create the cones.

I asked the kid to give us "big ones," something most of the clerks at McDonald's are loath to do (they either don't know how or they think the ice cream comes out of their pay). This kid went at it with gusto and when I told him I wanted a dipped cone, he didn't hesitate. However, a combination of the soft ice cream being soft and him trying to create a monster portion led him to drop the top of the ice cream into the chocolate four times. That's FOUR times. Didn't make much money on us, but we came away with great cones, a better experience and Maddie going against Pampa's advice to "never eat anything bigger than your head."

Thanks Mickie D's for a good time. And a lot of 'scream.

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