Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do-Right Family Assaults Us With Song

The Do-Rights flex their vocal cords.
Leah and I went to breakfast at K&W Cafeteria this morning, one of my favorite things to do on a Sunday, and were greeted with good food and this table full of people who insisted on using our breakfast time to sing gospel music. Loud gospel music. Obnoxious gospel music. Rude gospel music. Invasive gospel music. Conversation-stopping gospel music.

I nicknamed them the Do-Right Family Gospel Singers after the old Ray Stevens song, which did not put this music genre in a favorable light.

I don't guess I need to tell you I was pissed. Some of the people in the restaurant liked being serenaded. I was not among them. I will not speak for Leah, but she did not seem to be amused, especially when she had to repeat what she had just said. Seven times.

The big guy on the right at the table had this bellowing bass voice that overwhelmed any attempt at harmony within the group. They sounded more like cats on a fence than a choir.

I realize these lovely people were feeling the power of the lord, but I didn't get to eat my breakfast in peace, which was an immediate goal. I think that very often these religious types, who are in the Sell Jesus mode 100 percent of the time, don't take into account that my time is as valuable to me as theirs is to them and that I don't necessarily share their zeal for this music. I would prefer not to be assaulted with it.

I was a good boy, though, and didn't make a scene. Maybe I should have. It would decrease the likelihood of it happening again, I suspect. But when people are this rude and self-absorbed not much gets through to them.

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