Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finally: A New Home for Pooka

Poo (top) and his new brother lounging
Pooka found a new home this weekend--Julia and Steve Smith (no relation) of Forest--and we're both tickled to death about the development. Julia and Steve have three cats--one white and mostly deaf, like Poo, They took him in and I swear, I think my buddy thinks he died and went to heaven.

Talk about cat friendly. Each cat has a heated bed. There is a cat bedroom, a cat dining room, a cat poop room in a piece of furniture housed in the garage. Attention is lavished on the cats and the minute Pooka walked in the door, I was history.

When I went by to pick up the borrowed cat carrier today, Poo's new people asked that I avoid coming in to say "goodbye" because it might upset him. Poo's happy. Dan's happy. The family's happy. Couldn't ask for better. Except maybe for my grandgirl, who's not happy. But she has a little brother, so she'll get over it.


  1. "Poo's new people asked that I avoid coming in to say "goodbye" because it might upset him." Further evidence that "cat people" should all be committed.

  2. Dusty: There are lots of people who should be committed, but I don't think that "all" of any group falls in that category: not Republicans, not dog people, not cat people, not people whose conversation centers around sports or their kids or gardening, and not "all" people who annoy us.

    People joke about having this or that person or group committed, but I had to do that to both my parents (my mother twice, and my father once) for severe mental illness and dementia, and I'm here to tell you that not wanting to upset a cat who is adjusting to a new environment doesn't meet the criteria required for a temporary detention order or a commitment hearing.

    Just sayin'.....

    1. People who over-analyze forum comments should be committed.

      P.S. I've suffered with severe depression and anxiety so I sympathize with your situation and didn't mean to offend.

    2. I hear the men with the white coats coming now. Gotta go grab my cat and hide.... :-)

  3. Janeson:
    All Republicans should be committed. We can discuss the others.

  4. YAY for Poo! And YAY for you, Dan! I'm a sucker for happy endings.