Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo Essay: Annette Patterson and How It's Done

This is Annette Patterson, champion swimmer and hero to a bunch of little girls who adore her.
Annette gives kids last-minute instructions before they swim.
Annette's turn. She's on the right with perfect form.
Taking a big lead in the breast stroke.
Another first-place finish for her girls to try to emulate.
I've been watching Annette Patterson coach the 7-8-year-old kids for the Hunting Hills Swim Club team for the past couple of weeks and I'm seeing not only an excellent coach with marvelous values, but a swimmer her kids can watch and learn from.

She's one of the top echelon swimmers in the entire country in 40 and over, according to sportswriter Doug Doughty, and she's 46, not three days over 40. Her form is flawless and it is a joy to watch her practice. Such grace in the water and even more grace when she's coaching these kids who'd rather be playing on the water slide. She has tremendous patience and understands that winning is not the only thing for most of these kids.

I really like the way she does things. So does Maddie, who adores Annette.

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