Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Women's Forum: Let the Marketing Begin

Tamea Franco Woodward and I made two radio stops today (Fox910, a talk station and WVTF Public Radio) to begin getting the word out on the FRONTBurner Women's Forum Oct. 1 at Hollins University. Tamea is one of 11 women who will lead the morning forum and the later eight classes.

My colleague Gene Marrano, who seems to be involved in every form of media locally, has a show at Fox910 on Saturday and Sunday mornings and the WVTF interview--to be aired in a week or so--was done by the estimable (and very funny--in a droll manner) Fred Echols, who asked Tamea a lot of questions about how industry (East West DyeCom, her business, anodizes aluminum and is hardly traditionally female) is doing in the current climate. Tamea's answers were marvelous and my guess is Fred will find a good way to use them outside this interview.

The forum is the first in the FRONTBurner Series. The second event will happen in the spring and will involve fashion and etiquette. All of these events will have to do with professional development.

For more information on the Women's Forum, go here (you can register here). It costs just $30 and that includes lunch.

(Photo of Tamea and me by Gene Marrano.)

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