Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photographic Proof: I Really Was There

This is the view of the ceremony for Roanoke City Market Buildings' re-opening Saturday. I really was there and had fully intended to post the photographic results with some pretty good shots, but something strange happened to my trusty Nikon D100 and I couldn't retrieve any photos at all until now. The Nikon's memory was somehow affected, maybe some form of early dementia.

I figured out how to copy the few photos that registered on my disk--most didn't--and I almost immediately went netting, found another D100 (which haven't been made for years, but which I strongly prefer to the plastic imitations now being made; the D100 actually has metal in it and feels like a camera) and ordered it. Should be here tomorrow or so, but until then, I'm stuck using the passel of small point and shoots I've collected for the past couple of years.

I keep telling myself, "It's not the camera, it's the photographer," but when I try to shoot something I need a 10mm lens for with the point and shoot, I'm reminded that the camera counts, too.

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