Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Smiths (All of Them) Go to the Ball Game

Evan and Kara Smith at the Tennessee softball game today.
Evan and his favorite daughter.
Madeline and her new pal.
Madeline finds a seat.
Oscar shows his interest in softball.
Oscar is hungry.
Oscar's call answered.
My son and his wife (Evan and Kara) brought along three-week-old Oscar and six-year-old Madeline to the Tennessee-Longwood softball game today at the new--and gorgeous--Botetourt Sports Complex.

Evan is a graduate of Tennessee, Kara of Longwood and she spend the final 10 minutes before the game stressing about who she was going to root for.

As seems to be the rule, Maddie had a couple of new buddies before anybody sat down and Oscar was in his own world, except when he got hungry. A lovely afternoon for the family, it was.

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