Thursday, September 29, 2011

City Council Advice: You Use Local Vendors (But We Won't)

Cunningham Quill's exterior lacks ... well ... everything.
Spectrum's proposed rear exterior design had style and grace (and a blue sky).
Spectrum's interior design (note elevator).
Cunningham Quill's scribble of the interior was not done on a napkin.
The sad truth of a flat, ugly, uninspired City Market Building design today.
I understand that Roanoke City Council recently urged citizens to use local businesses to meet their needs. That is a good thing. It's a suggestion Council would do well to follow.

Not to beat a dead horse (oh, hell, let's beat it), but City Council jobbed out the design for the renovated City Market Building, perhaps the most recognizable symbol of Roanoke outside that god-awful star, to a company that is not in Roanoke and not even in Virginia. It was a company that came up with an inferior design and a flat, industrial finished product that is hardly inspiring. We could have had a dazzling building at a lower cost from a local firm, but noooooooooooo.

I thought it would be good to look back on what was presented and what resulted. Herewith is presented the drawing from Cunningham Quill of Washington, D.C., that beat our local firm's (Spectrum Design) vision. And we have a photo, taken today, of the result: a thoroughly uninspired and uninspiring building that looks like it was designed in a government basement office. I think we know why.

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