Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Deserved Award for George Kegley

I shot this photo of George about a year ago. It's one of my favorites.
The awards just keep on coming for the guy who could easily be named Roanoke's Citizen of the Year on any given eight of 10 years span. George Kegley and his wife Louise will be presented the A. Victory Thomas Environmental Stewardship Award for their commitment to open space by the Western Virginia Land Trust Sept. 18.

The event will be at the Braelock near Vinton. Admission is $55 per person before Sept. 9 and $60 thereafter.  The price includes all food and beverages. Children under 12 are free.  

George is truly a role model for all who have any notion of becoming involved in the community. He has done everything from saving old, worthy buildings (by the dozen) to giving blood (by the gallon), to preserving community history in his annual journal, to delivering Meals on Wheels (and George must be in his mid-80s).

He's a good man, one god had in mind when he made the rest of us.

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