Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photo of the Day: Final Shot With the Old Nikon

As I asked Valerie Garner, who took this shot, "Who's the old man? No, not the one in the background; the other one." She swears it's me. I swear it's not.

Anyhow, that Nikon I'm holding bit the dust during the opening ceremonies for the Roanoke City Market Building this a.m. and all those photos I took, including one of a magnificent, slobbering bulldog will never show up.

I love that old Nikon D100, which hasn't been manufactured for years. It was the last affordable Nikon that had any metal in it and it was a rugged old boy--even if it was only six meg, which gives an indication of its age. I picked up an old one on Amazon a little while ago that the owner swears is perfect for $250. That's a good price for a camera (body only) I like.

Wish the photos of the Market Building and all those faces had shown up, but if you've ever photographed, you know what an adventure it is. Just go to what's next and don't worry about it, but I had a couple of really good shots of Valerie that would have countered the old man she photo'd.

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