Monday, September 26, 2011

A Compelling New Case for Regulation

An Office of Management and Budget study shows that  in every year between 2000-2010, the benefits of regulation outweighed the costs by an average of 700 percent.

Rarely has there been a more compelling case for federal regulation of an industry than the one staring at us right now: the drug industry is running shortages of vital drugs--the kind that keep people alive--because it is not profitable to produce them or because it is inconvenient or because .... well ... they just don't want to make them.

We're talking life and death and health and sickness here and a cranky industry that damn well does what it pleases and screams bloody murder if somebody like me suggests a little regulation is preferable to what is tantamount to murder.

The pharmaceutical industry is but one of many industries that simply rape us on a daily basis. Energy has to slip in there. Transportation and health care rank high. But Republicans will die before they allow life and health to trump profits. It's frightening.


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