Wednesday, September 28, 2011

'The Parking Lot Movie' Was Right Here

 These two photos don't look like much, but they are part of a semi-famous location in Charlottesville: the entrance and exit for a parking lot that was featured in the documentary "The Parking Lot Movie," which I saw, thanks to Netflix, recently.

I was in C'ville this past weekend and as we drove past the entrance and exit of the lot--which I would have missed as if they were fire hydrants--it was pointed out that "a movie was made here." I hit the brakes and nearly caused a wreck. "Where?" "Right there." "Oh." Not much to look at.

It was an easy movie to miss, too, since its distribution was miniscule, but it was an interesting piece and with the nearly local focus, even fascinating. I'm told by an expert that everybody who has lived in Charlottesville over the past 30 years or so has parked in The Corner Parking Lot. The movie's "guru" (that's what he's called; honest) is Chris Farina, who worked at the lot, hired his buddies and made the movie.

I'm thinking, if you can make a movie about a parking lot in C'ville, why not make one of my new book, CLOG! ?

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