Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mural Commission: LewisGale Gets It Right

Chuck Almarez's mural photo
OK, now we're swimming with the fishes. LewisGale Regional Health System, the health care facility based in Salem, has hired a local photographer to create a mural for its new  Senior Transitions Unit at LG Hospital Alleghany. The photographer is Chuck Almarez, who is putting the final touches on as we speak.

This commission is a recognition that there is talent in this region. It is in stark contrast to the murals so prominently displayed at one of the region's signature buildings, Roanoke City Market, whose grand re-opening will be marked Labor Day Weekend with a celebration. None of the murals, commissioned by the City of Roanoke, is done by an artist from the city, the region or even the state.

Here's part of the LewisGale press release: "Almarez is creating five murals and three prints that will be displayed in the treatment area and waiting room. Two of the murals are large in scale, four feet by 15 feet, and are landscape images photographed by Almarez of Douthat Lake and Lost River Farm.

"Another mural captures the rich history of the community with an image of the C & O Railway Heritage Center in the foreground and the Town of Clifton Forge and Alleghany Highlands in the background. One of the canvas prints reflects Falling Spring from the top of the falls.

"'These images project peace and tranquility and should be very comforting to the seniors. I also hope the murals will bring some good memories to those who view them,'" says Almarez.

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  1. This is a great image of the Town of Clifton Forge, where I have been working since April on a large residential historic district. This photographer is well-respected in town, with a store of his own as well. I need to get a copy of this image--it really captures the town! You should see his image of the Fourth of July fireworks taken from this same spot (on the A Street Bridge)this year, and better than Roanoke's!