Friday, August 5, 2011

Today's Photo: Hot Dog Reality

This is the offending lunch from Hardees.
I know, I know. I'm not supposed to be eating this nitrite, salt and fat laden crap on a bun, but I was on the way back from a paddle around noon and was Jonesing for a 'dog or two. Hardees was handee and I ordered up two Jumbos ("jumbo" seems to be about the only food size Hardees has). I asked for "everything you can find" to be put on them. That meant chili, mustard and onions. I would have thought a fast food restaurant would have had catsup, relish and maybe even cole slow, but that didn't show up.

What did show up for these $2 hotdogs was about a teaspoon of chili, a dab of mustard and not enough onions to constitute a case of bad breath. When I opened the bag--which was turned on its side with the 'dogs stacked on top of each other and the fries on top of that, inviting a spill of Exxon Valdese proportions--I found what you see here. The ingredients on one 'dog are all at one end, having slid down, I'd guess. The other is a mess, too.

And now not only am reduced to eating something that is borderline lethal, but I have to eat it ugly. My mama taught me long, long ago that presentation is half of what a good meal is about. This is pretty close to what it would look like if I urped it back up. Yum.

(One more little note: the hotdogs were sloppy and ugly, but more important than that, they were pretty awful tasting, too. Heavy salt, too dense. I could have bought better 'dogs at just about any convenience story for half the price.)

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