Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Assault on a Woman's Right To Choose in Virginia

Here we go again with the absurd disingenusness of abortion legislation. Tomorrow in Virginia, you'll find that the Republican administration's Department of Health will issue new regulations for abortion clinics in the Commonwealth that could put most of them out of business. The regulations, of course, are designed to do exactly that. Women's health has nothing to do with it.

This story gives you the details of the new rules and just how specific--and unnecessarily onerous--they are. This from people who are dead set against regulation of just about any other business or organization in the world. Repubs hate regulation. Except when it has to do with abortion, which they hate more.

These regulations are temporary, expected to last about a year, and could cause even more problem because after complying with them, clinics could face doing it again with new regulations.

Abortion is the law of the United States, but there is no effort these Republicans will not make to reach their goal of making abortion unavailable, if not illegal. Already more than 80 percent of localities in the United States don't have abortion available because of the combination of intimidation, questionable legislation and demonization.

(Graphic: Mother Jones)

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  1. If men could get pregnant, abortion would not be an issue. Enough said!