Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Self-deluded Headline of the Day

The NYTimes leads with this:

"Debt Bill Is Signed, Ending Fractious Battle."

This battle of this never-ending war ain't over by a long shot, unless people like me simply crawl under the carpet and let it end. The Repubs won this skirmish because my side has weak leadership. We're looking for new ones who can figure how to make "yes" stronger than "no."

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  1. Once Obama got his cabinet together, one would know the outcome. "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." And your other post about shit creek without a paddle is bulls-eye, correct-amundo... unless we can recharge some of that eroding hope and make it work. Whatever that means.

    Yesterday I read this post on Financial Times (readers may need to register for a free look-see): "Indonesia eyes ownership limits for banks"

    That's playing hardball. But in lieu of that, the only other thing we can hope for is to create yet another industry bubble to save the economy. Not sure which would be better to survive (though the bubble will always seem like the easier, softer way).