Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's Photo: Glazed Bisque-It Re-opening Soon

Pam Berberich is working diligently on her new, attractive space in Promenade Park, across the street from North Cross School in Roanoke. Pam owns Glazed Bisque-It, where artistic types sit and learn to paint porcelain that Pam makes in her kiln. She expects to be re-opened within the next couple of weeks, she says. There have delays in complying with some arcane Roanoke County ordinances.

She left the City Market building that Glazed Bisque-It occupied for 14 years (four under Pam's ownership) on Roanoke City Market because of parking problems and a leaky roof that didn't appear to be a high priority for her landlord, she says. The new space is bright, open and attractive. You can detect the renewed enthusiasm in Pam, who's never exactly a downer.

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