Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Brandon Bell Back at It and He's the Best Choice

Brandon Bell
I'm tickled to see that Brandon Bell will run against intellectually-challenged Ralph Smith for the Republican nomination to serve as state senator for the new 19th District (Salem, Floyd County and portions of Franklin, Bedford, Roanoke, Montgomery, Carroll and Wythe Counties). Both have been in the Virginia Senate, Bell serving with distinction, Smith showing up and following a script the nutjobs handed him.

Smith beat Bell in a primary a few years ago when the Tea Party was in its infancy and the state had turned sharply right. Smith is the former Roanoke Mayor who can barely carry on a conversation without a script and who as a Senator was a successful foundry owner.

Bell showed considerable courage in doing what had to be done in order to keep the state's financial house in order during his most recent term (preserving the state's AAA bond rating), but he pissed off Morgan Griffith (now in Congress, if you can believe it) who was the head of the party in these parts. Bell's efforts could have been used as a case study for the U.S. Congress in its recent disagreement over the federal debt limit and budget.

As you might imagine, I am not a Republican, but Brandon is as good as that party gets and Smith is at the other end. The choice is about as clear as is possible.


  1. I've had occasion to chat with Brandon several times over education issues. I have always found him to be accessible and reasoned. While he and I are far apart on the political spectrum, I really appreciated his time in the state senate.

    He is the best the Republicans could possibly offer.

  2. I agree. Brandon Bell is a class act and even though a Republican, the kind of politician this area and the nation needs more of. I wish him success and the voters a clarity they lacked last time!