Friday, August 12, 2011

Backstage at Goodwill's Second Runway

Young model Clarissa Menefee was simply stunning.
Carilion CEO Nancy Agee buys the suit she wore from Goodwill's Stephanie Hoer.
Kathy Lamanca, looking elegant in a T-shirt, directs backstage traffic.
FRONT Publisher Tom Field and writer Susan Ayers backstage.
Tom and me backstage.
Tom talks with Wells Fargo bank President and model Harvey Brookins.
Artist Eric Fitzpatrick, photographer Stephanie Klein-Davis.
Several of us from Valley Business FRONT took part in Goodwill Industries' Second Runway production last night, one of Goodwill's largest fundraisers of the year. Last year, the event took in more than $36,000 and my guess is that it earned more than that last night at the Jefferson Center.

One of the highlights of an evening of sales, auctions and food was the fashion show, in which Goodwill's clothing offerings are modeled for sale to the audience. I bought the shirt and pants I wore and my friend Nancy Agee of Carilion Clinic bought her suit, an elegant beige high-end beauty that was brand new.

(Kelly Coleman shot the photo of Tom and me; I took the rest.)


  1. I had a blast! I won an awesome auction and bought too much stuff at the boutique sale. It was necessary though, I was going to HAVE that Coach bag no matter what!

  2. Gini: Glad you were there. Good stuff, good cause.