Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey, Did You Feel That?!?

From what I'm gathering, the brief earth tremor we felt in Roanoke a few minutes ago is area-wide and began as a 5.8 register on the Richter Scale in Northern Virginia. People are coming out of their houses in my neighborhood (I work at home) and laughing about it. My daughter e-mailed that she felt it in North Georgia.

The only real damage to my estate was that two walking canes fell over in the living room. Facebook and Twitter are abuzz. Interesting stuff.

Best line so far from Creigh Deeds: "In Hot Springs, too. Shaken, not stirred."

And there was this from Patti Lucas: "OMG..someone in Washington must have agreed on something!!!"


  1. We did feel it and it was a very weird sensation. I am glad it was over quick and I hope for another hundred years or so before the next one. It is unsettling.

  2. 1Dem: You know George Bush caused this. And it ain't over.