Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today's Find: Farmer's Market in Catawba

My pals Meg Hibbert (left) Melinda Cox do a little business.
Entering Good Food Area.
A nice-sized market.
Local boys pick and grin.
I wound up in Catawba this afternoon on a photo shoot and ran into a farmer's market at the Catawba Center (the old Catawba School) that had charm and a lot of good food. I brought home some of Kathy O'Hara's greens and had a marvelous dinner tonight.

The market runs 3-6:30 Thursday afternoons, May to October. Nice looking fresh foods and prepared foods (there was a beet/goat cheese pastry that was to die for) and Meg Hibbert had some rolls that would kill you--with a smile on your face.

The market is about a quarter of a mile from the Catawba store. Turn right off Va. 311 and you're at it in a hurry.

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