Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeding the Kids: Let 'em Eat the Cheap Stuff (Repubs)

School lunch: The vegetable is under the pickle.
Sometimes it slides into comedy because if looked at rationally, it just has to be a joke. But it’s the Republican line, pure and simple, regardless of how much it sounds like satire. Nobody could make this much stuff up without being thought a little on the nutty side.

The latest jaw-dropper from the red party of the U.S. Congress has to do with determining what kids eat at school, whether it’s healthy or the same crap the kids have been eating for years. The Repubs are in favor of making our kids fat, slow, stupid and sick, apparently out of some kind of loyalty to the industrial giants who support them. Damn the kids, we’re talking profits here, babies.

According to a story here, a new bill “would direct the Agriculture Department to rewrite new, healthier menu guidelines for school lunches, which Republicans say are too costly. The bill also questions a government proposal to curb marketing of unhealthy foods to children and attempts to limit new rules that requires calorie counts to be posted on menus, according to some who have seen it but were not authorized to speak about it. The spending bill would also cut funding for domestic feeding programs and international food aid.”

So we really have come to doing bad things to children in the name of profits. I hope somebody is embarrassed.

(Photo: Care2)

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