Monday, May 16, 2011

A Classy Response: Here's How It's Done

Robyn Schon
In a story today in the local daily (here) Roanoke Civic Center Manager Robyn Schon gives a brief clinic on how to deal with unhappy customers. The Civic Center's electronic ticket system was programmed incorrectly for the James Taylor concert and for a brief period some potential buyers couldn't get into the system to purchase tickets. This is an intense following Sweet Baby James has, so the peeps were not happy.

But Robyn, a former singer in a rock band and a woman who is earning friends for the Civic Center everywhere she goes, took on the error directly. She is quoted as saying, "We value our customers and we recognize the fact that the fault was ours here at the civic center. And it's not typical for us to make a mistake as such." She detailed what happened and how it happened, taking full responsibility and trying to work out an accommodation for the fans.

I think people who didn't get tickets, though disappointed, will forgive, forget and have a much, much better impression of the Civic Center because of Robyn's grace, intelligence and good sense.

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