Monday, May 2, 2011

A Brief Respite from the News: Limbaugh's Take

Limbaugh on the verge of blowing.
Just for grins a little while ago, I turned on the "Rush Limbaugh Program" to determine how close to imploding he must be with a major success by a president who is not a Republican. He was closer than I thought. I could hear steam coming out his ears, see that fat red face, detect the high pitched, whiny professional victim blaming the Democrats for ... well ... being successful.

It was a masterful production, full of more pure bullshit than I've heard from even The Donald in recent weeks. A classic Limbaugh performance of screaming, whining, crying, complaining, hating America, hating Dems, hating libs, hating the media, hating ... well, everything, drooling on the microphone and generally embarrassing everybody listening. I lasted a good five minutes and I deserve an award . This guy is truly sick and and even more entertaining than he can imagine. It's like watching a cancer grow with a time-lapse camera.


  1. I know this thread is old Dan and so is my story with Limbaugh, but I'll try to relate it anyway.

    Years ago, in the 90's, I listened to all the political talking heads on radio, Rush being the most prominent. It was more entertaining than instructive. I had heard he had his calls screened to edit out opposing views. One day, the last day I ever listened to him, he took a call from a man who snuck through the screeners. His question was about Oliver North and Rush's otherwise staunch position against allowing criminals off the hook on mere technicalities. The caller wanted details from Rush about why he felt North should have been exonerated (convictions vacated) while other criminals should be prosecuted no matter the technicalities. They argued but the man really knew his stuff and had the upper hand. Then, in mid conversation, Rush announced they would "go to break". I waited through the commercial anxious to hear how Rush would counter. Well...he never did. When he came back, the call had been terminated and he was off on another subject as if the call had never taken place. In all the time I listened to him that was the only time I heard him field a comment/opinion/question counter to his own belief system and he passed on it. What a man, a real tough guy...

    I might add, the same local station also had a liberal talking head who had the same format. I found him to be equally obnoxious in his presentation but at least he did not screen his calls.

  2. Scott:
    You have just made the strong case for the re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine, which was killed by Reagan and three judges he appointed. It spawned one-sided radio that has no responsibility to be fair or balanced.