Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Oh, Hell! Jill Was Right. It's a 'Gator

My buddy Jill Elswick and I had a disagreement about the animal on the sign at the new The Quarter restaurant in downtown Roanoke.

Jill insisted it was an alligator. I said it was a crawfish. I mean, shoot, this is a Cajun restaurant and they serve the crawfish, not the gator.

Upon further examination, however, we have determined that Jill is right and the old editor with fading eyesight is not. Sorry Jill. You win again.


  1. Dan:

    This incident serves as more evidence of your crawfish bias. When Big Media stops seeing alligators, it should beware the bite.

    Speaking of which, we should get a bite at The Quarter so I can gloat about being right (it's rare).


  2. Jill: You're on. Pick a day. You eat the gator.