Friday, May 20, 2011

The Quarter: A Fine New Cajun Restaurant in Downtown Roanoke

Exterior of The Quarter with outside dining.
Best looking bar in town.
There's a dandy new Cajun restaurant in downtown Roanoke--across from the Wells Fargo (Wachovia) Tower in the old Thai restaurant space--and I want to strongly recommend you eat something there.

I've had lunch at The Quarter the past two days and it's good. Really good. The interior of the restaurant has been totally renovated and the bar is the best looking one I've seen since Billy's Ritz went out of business a few years ago.

The owners also opened the area beside the building for outside dining, enclosing it like a New Orleans courtyard. It's all very appealing, sophisticated and uptown. And the food is simply marvelous. Strongly recommend the sun dried tomato dressing on any of the salads. They chef makes it.


  1. that bar looks just like one in the New Orleans airport that is Wonderful!

  2. I like how they made their neon sign say "RESTAURANT" with an alligator at the bottom. The interior looks amazing. I will definitely go there.

  3. Jill: I think the "alligator" is a crawfish.

  4. Dan: Where are its pincers? I still say alligator.

  5. Dan,

    Based on your recommendation, I took my lovely wife there for dinner. It was great. We're already thinking about when we can get back.

    I had the crawfish ettouffe and she had blackened redfish with mashed sweet potatoes.