Monday, May 23, 2011

Group Move in Grandin Village Tomorrow

Grandin Village in Raleigh Court
My guess is that almost all of us hate to move. You can certainly count me in that group. In 2000, I was involved in eight moves (one of them mine, but I had the pickup truck) and swore "never again." I've been involved in about 15 since then.

It appears that the good people of Raleigh Court--Grandin Village, more specifically--have figured out a way to turn this drudgery into a pleasure. Let's let my friend Kurt Navratil explain it:

Join the movers and shakers! Tuesday, May 24 (tomorrow), two beloved neighborhood shops are beginning the great Grandin Village shuffle, and they need our help.

Too Many Books is moving from the corner of Westover and Grandin to the building which currently houses New To Me and Designs on Grandin.

For the time being, Linda Steadman will be selling her books in the New To Me space and part of the building's second floor. New to Me is moving two blocks down Grandin into space that is owned by Reid's Fine Furnishings, and eventually Reid's will expand into Two Many Books' space on the corner.

Linda and Jenny Prickitt need help, especially with packing. Volunteers can just show up any time after 10 a.m. tomorrow . They expect to continue working on Wednesday and would appreciate volunteers.

Both Linda and Jenny have been great supporters of the neighborhood, so joining in the Great Move is a wonderful way to thank them.

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