Saturday, January 30, 2010

Roanoke in the Quiet

Roanoke Valley Natural Foods Co-op in Grandin Village.^

Grandin Theatre and Grandin Village.^

Looking west on Campbell Avenue from the center of Roanoke City Market.^

City Market stalls with Norfolk Southern in background right.^

Center in the Square (and my pickup truck).^

202 Market St. Restaurant adorned with icicles.^

This is not an antique. I swear. It is a telephone. A working public telephone. A City Market anachronism.^

City Market, dead center.^

Wachovia Tower.^

Hotel Roanoke.^

Some of Susan Jennings' city artwork (nice, Susan).^

Clock at Wachovia Tower. I like this. It gives a small-town feel to the center of the urban area.^

Horses used to drink from the Dogmouth Fountain on City Market.^

I went downtown about noon today to get some shots in the snow, which was about eight inches at the time and still falling steadily.

I don't remember when the city felt so quiet. The roads were in good shape, relatively, but Roanokers are not keen on driving in falling snow, so I pretty much had it to myself, except for the occasional plow and some walkers.

It is a different view of the city than the one I get on an almost daily basis; one that is stark, lovely and, most of all, quiet. I like quiet. Roanoke in the quiet. Nice.


  1. Lovely shots of a place usually buzzing with activity. Nice to see the city sleeping.

  2. hauntingly quiet, I am not a city girl but those are nice shots. I am afraid walking in the city, but I'd walk through the woods anytime.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing these sights after being gone for 3 1/2 years.