Friday, January 22, 2010

Hollins Adds a Leadership Alternative for Women

Abrina Schnurman-Cook talks to the assembled at the conference this a.m.^

Hollins University has added a new--and inexpensive--element to its Batten Leadership Program, which is designed to help produce the next generation of women leaders in the region. The program is called the Emerging Leaders Forum and it "profides an opportnity for women to learn more about leadership and improve their effectiveness in the workplace," according to program director Abrina Schnurman-Cook.

At a press conference announcing the program this morning at the Jefferson Club in Roanoke, Ed Murphy, CEO of Carilion, said, "There is little we can do that really matters, but leadership is one" of the few actions that count. Hollins President Nancy Gray said the program grew from the desire to train younger and less experienced women in leadership. The Batten Institute trains leaders who are generally higher in management than the target women of the Emerging Leaders Forum.

The cost of the program is $45 per session, which many of the business executives in the room agreed will help open the door for participation by companies strapped by the recession.

The initial session is scheduled April 10 and is titled "The Art of Networking" with author Paula Frazier directing. Those interested in more details should call Schnurman-Cook at 540-362-7488.

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  1. Thanks on behalf of Abrina Schnurman-Crook and the Batten Leadership Institute here at Hollins for plugging the Emerging Leaders Forum. Just one correction she's asked me to pass along: The first session, "Art of Networking" with Paula Frazier, is on April 20, not April 10. Folks can contact Abrina at 540-362-7488 or for more info.