Sunday, January 10, 2010

Losing Weight With Taco Bell (Uh, Huh ...)

The young woman stands there for nearly 30 seconds telling you how she lost a lot of weight--and showing a photo of her blubbery self--only to tell you at fade-out, "Now, these results aren't typical, but ..." you should still eat at Taco Bell, presumably so they can pay her for the commercial.

You and I know that advertisers take liberties with the truth on occasion (actually, all the time would be more precise), but this is pushing the truth into a land where it can't find any oxygen.
Taco Bell advertises a food item called la gordita, meaning "little fatty." Now that is the truth.

Suppose, say somebody like Pfizer had this commercial with a solemn-looking clinician announcing a cure for cancer and, as the commercial fades out, the camera wanders around behind him and finds his fingers crossed behind his back. Or a plaid-clad car salesman announces that his dealership is giving away cars at the end of the sales season, but as the clock winds down, some fast-talking dude tells you that dealer prep fees apply and at the bottom of the screen in six-point Helvitica type face you see--or would if you had perfect vision and a TV that would magnify shady claims--that "dealer prep fee of $20,000 per car applies."

Truth be told: you ain't losing no weight on tacos from Taco Bell, babies unless one is what you eat in a week and it's all you eat that day. It's about proper diet and exercise and it ain't about tacos and Subway breads or any other kind of fast food and fatty meat. You'll have a better chance at Taco Bell eating the little dog and skipping the meat.

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  1. Oh my, another get-thin-quick scheme. I too saw the commercial and was shocked. Yes, I know Jared lost weight eating Subway sandwiches. Oh yes, and walking and walking and walking.

    There is no short cut to weight loss and good health. It's self-discipline and work.

    Please, though, do not eat the dog. I don't think you'll find him very tasty.