Sunday, January 10, 2010

Basketball Quote of the Day

And you thought they were playing for money or girls or drugs or guns or ... well, something else. Here's the deal at the University of Tennessee today where an under-manned and over-matched basketball team beat No. 1 Kansas by eight points:

"We're just hungry -- ready to go back to the gym. We want to work until we have to scrape each other off the floor just so we can have a feeling like this again."

That was Renaldo Wooldridge, who scored 14 points. Wooldridge barely had a profile on the basketball floor before the last few days when four UT players were suspended on guns and drugs allegations. Wooldridge got to play today. A lot. And he liked it. It really is about the feeling, the rare exhilaration of over-achievement and doing something everybody says you can't. And the feeling is especially intense among those of us who are fans.

(Knoxville News-Sentinel photo.)

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