Saturday, January 16, 2010

Protest at the Grandin Theatre

For all the anger that has swirled around the controversial Grandin Theatre firing of popular General Manager Jason Garnett this week, a well-behaved and even festive crowd of about 20 protesters showed up tonight in front of the theater.

A relatively quiet version of Buffalo Springfield's 1960s protest anthem "There's Something Happening Here" played in the background as protestors held signs high, some calling for the firing of the theater Executive Director Kathy Chittum, others simply pleading to "Save the Grandin."

It was a relatively self-conscious crowd of people who don't generally do this type of thing, fans of off-beat movies and "the arts" in general, the kids who wore black barets and black tights with capes in high school. But the point seemed to be getting across to the steady Saturday night crowd of patrons, many of whom knew nothing of the dust-up and seemed interested.

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