Thursday, January 14, 2010

A 'Creative Re-birth for the [Grandin] Theatre"

This young woman (above) is doing her homework and waiting for customers at the Grandin box office. Jason Garnett (right)^

The following is a note I received a little while ago from a Grandin employee who asked not to be named, for obvious reasons (see previous blog post):

"As a Grandin employee, I have experienced a little bit of both sides of the story. I believe that the theater will not be the same, and that change will be for the worse without Jason.

"The word is that midnight movies are already out the window, which is really a shame if its true. These events were, to my understanding, not huge moneymakers for the Grandin but great for bringing art and culture to the community and giving Roanoke a shot of flavor.

"I know who is rumored to have been trained as Jason's replacement, and I have a lot of respect for that person and think he would be good at managing other employees. But Jason did a lot more than managing employees, and I honestly think he is qualified/deserves to have the job of executive director. From my experience, that scenario would be a creative re-birth for the theater."

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  1. Alright folks, it's time to take these words off the wall and to the board of the Grandin Theatre Foundation. We can vent here for our dear friend until we all lose steam or we can take this past FB and into the real community that is affected by this loss and show that we won't stand for it. Jason Garnett is solely responsible for not only unselfishly and tirelessly working to make the Grandin a community staple, but he also gave choices, work and creative opportunities to the people of Roanoke. Many of these people would have left our community to find better opportunities if Jason had not afforded them the chance to stay and be a part of something that made the community better. I, like many of you, are completely outraged and simply will not tolerate this political backstab for power. Please please please please make it heard outside of this FB page; take it outside to the community. Raise your voices.