Sunday, January 17, 2010

Please Don't Boycott the Grandin Theatre

I understand that there is a movement afoot to boycott the Grandin Theatre and I would like to strongly urge those of you considering that action to please re-consider. A boycott would do nobody any good and could seriously cripple an institution that we all love and that we all want to succeed.

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes right now to try to make the Grandin a place we can again be proud of. Some smart, courageous and commited people--including board members--are doing some hard work in order to attempt to correct errors or perceptions and my guess is that if we are all patient and give this a few days, we will all be much happier with the outcome.

I would much rather see a few people writing letters to board members asking them to take a long, hard look at the issues and report on them in a timely and complete way. The Grandin remains a community institution with strong community support and we all need to be behind the healing that must come.


  1. of course a boycott would cripple the theatre--that's the point. the grandin, its board, and its director, can't do the job without jason and we're trying to make that clear!

  2. When I moved into the Greater Raleigh Court neighborhood, the Grandin Theatre was closed. I risked the purchase of a single owner residence that had been long-neglected. What made me decide? On the first day I visited my future beloved home, volunteers worked along Grandin Road to plant trees. I understood and respected the investment by caring individuals who volunteered their beautiful March day to brighten the future of the area.

    I usually work behind the scenes, but on the Grandin Theatre issue it’s important to speak out. Since 1984 I’ve invested money, raised children, and donated time in the Greater Raleigh Court neighborhood. I was President of the Greater Raleigh Court Civic League, bought a Grandin Theatre Star, and still run the Holidays parade.

    My children grew up in an ideal neighborhood, value their childhood there, and today hold fond memories of the area. The Grandin Village is alive given a healthy Grandin Theatre, humbled with it closed.

    Let the story unfold. Find the truth. React to the facts. But in any event, support the Grandin Theatre. I truly believe that future of the neighborhood depends on your faithfulness.

    Robert Turcotte

  3. When Jim Lindsey reopened the Grandin shortly before the birth of our son Jimmy, we had great dreams to bring wonderful films to the community. Films of beaty and mindfulness that would impact the thoughts and ideas of those in the community who shared them. As it developed over time many changes occured. The theatre became a place where not only "movies" were shown but many lives were changed and enhanced as young workers at the Grandin discovered their own vocation in art music and film through the experience of ideas and thought presented to them.
    For many years, in fact all years we struggled to keep the Grandin alive, even when the megaplex groups entered Roanoke with one group actually calling Julie Humsaker, (Jim's Sister who managed the theater for more than a decade) to boast that they would shut us down. And, they almost did. But the community and dedicated staff at the Grandin, including Cathy and Jason kept it going.
    I do not know the details of what occurred at the Grandin, I only know both Cathy and Jason to be great people and it is unfortunate that their work partnershp has come to this....
    Please support the theater...Many people , many lives have been shared and fostered there...
    Genie Lindsey

  4. People should boycott the Grandin because Kathy Chittum doesn't deserve Roanoke's monetary support in ANY way.

    What a bunch of spineless wimps on the Board, too. What, is Kathy really that intimidating? Did they REALLY think that this wouldn't anger a ton of people?

    The Grandin will fail because Jason was the only person capable of booking GOOD movies. Kathy has godawful taste that only appeals to spinsters and geriatrics. Good luck keeping the theatre afloat with those two demographics.

    The Grandin is doomed, and it's all Kathy's fault. And I personally can't wait for the public flogging. It's been a long time coming.

  5. dfgjhdfg,

    What a delightfully intelligent and non-biased point of view. Obviously you are an individual who is determined to believe in a certain reality and has no willingness to entertain the possibility of any other.

    I maintain that the circumstances surrounding Jason's dismissal are in no way, shape or form the business of the public. I have heard several people complain about Chittum's unwillingness to discuss the matter publically. Quite obviously these folks have never held a job that involved personnel management. Chittum speaking on the matter publically would be a violation of the most fundamental of employee rights.

    Unfortunately, people are dismissed from jobs every day. This does not imply that they are bad people in any way.

    Equally unfortunately, people in managerial roles are forced to make tough decisions every day. Sometimes these decisions result in the dismissal of any employee. In no way does the responsibility of having to make these decisions make these individuals bad people.

    No one outside of the immediate situation knows all of the facts. The people calling so vociferously for Chittum's head are at best guilty of benign ignorance.

    I completely and unabashedly support the Grandin Theatre and believe that a boycott of the theater is unwise and counter-productive. Continue to support the theater and the Grandin community at large.

    Adam Z. Markham