Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Roanoke Regional Writers Conference Postponed to Next Weekend

The Friday weather forecast in Roanoke has remained pretty steady for two days, telling us we're going to have 1-3 inches of precipitation in the afternoon, up to about 7 p.m., the start time for the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference.

Because of the likelihood of an ice sheet forming, we are going to postpone this year's conference until Feb. 1-2 (next week) with the same schedule in place.

It is likely that we will lose a few of our presenters and we will note that when we know, but the safety of everyone is of paramount importance and it is our priority right now. If you cannot make next week's conference, please let Chris Powell ( know and she will arrange for a refund. We hope you will all join us.

Registration has been re-opened and you can register here later today when the site is updated.


  1. Do you video any of the presentations? I really want to go but it would involve using vacation time. I'd be willing to purchase a DVD or an online PPV though.

    BTW, will you be at Mysticon? I actually will get to go there for the first time this year. If I see you I'll introduce myself and give you a big warm hug then we can be pals forever. =)

  2. Dusty: When is Mysticon. I'd love to photograph it.