Friday, January 4, 2013

Mama Smith's at It Again: Chicken 'n' Dumplins

Those of you interested in what heaven may look like some day, can get a strong hint here: Mother Smith's World Famous North Carolina Mountain Hollar Chicken 'n' Dumplin' Scrumptiousness. Mmmmmm. Dinner.

(Had a couple of requests for the recipe. Not much to it. Here 'tis: Very simple. Boil a few skinned chicken thighs (my preference; use what you want) with celery and onions chopped in. Add about a tbsp of curry, salt and pepper and a little rosemary. Let the chicken get tender and remove it from the liquid. Keep the liquid on low heat while you're making the dumplings. I simply get a can of biscuits, roll them out on a bed of flour (recently picked up a great marble rolling pin at Happy's), cut them in strips and put them into the hot liquid. Roll them thin because they get thick quickly. Take the chicken off the bone in strips and add it to the soup. Let it simmer for a while and put it in a BIG bowl for yourself, smaller bowl for everybody else.)

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