Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Treasonous Effort From Virginia Republicans

The damn Republicans simply won't quit trying to jimmy the voting system in this country so they can win elections without having to win the majority of the vote.

Here's the latest outrage, just out of committee (on a tie vote because one Republican has some modicom of morality). If this passes, the gerrymandered district lines in Virginia--which heavily favor Republicans--will be far more important than the popular vote and a tiny, rural county like Lee will have the same impact as huge, populous county likeFairfax.

These guys just don't know when to quit trying to take away our rights. It is a simple case of treason and we're going to need to start charging these anti-Americans with the worst crime we can.

1 comment:

  1. What shall we gain by focusing our attention on the continuing partisan skimishes?
    We'll all be much better off addressing the obvious bi-partisan willingness of our elected representatives to sell out their continuencies to "fat-cat" corporate interests.

    Seeking and continuing to support the "lowest common denominator" prevents us from any hope for the future.