Friday, January 25, 2013

Looks Like Ralph Smith Opposes Electoral Change

(Update: OK, this is a confusing situation. Monday, Ralph Smith voted in favor--with all other Virginia Senate Republicans--of a bill that would re-draw district lines, giving his party a distinct advantage in the majority of Virginia districts. On a second issue--using those districts to determine the state's electoral votes in presidential elections is what he came out against yesterday. Two different issues, but basically the same result: diminising the impact of each Virginian's vote. The Washington Post reports Smith is not alone in his opposition here.)

Looks like your favorite editr might have misjudged former Roanoke Mayor and now Senator Ralph Smith (R-Bedford County, etc.) for his part in the re-districting effort that is creating such a national scandal for the Republicans.

He is quoted by Rachael Madow on her blog (here) as saying he's opposed to the (bold represents a correction) plan that would change the way Virginia casts its electoral votes from giving all its votes to the popular vote winner to scoring by district wins. That alone could kill it, since the Senate is evenly divided, 20-20. Never thought I'd say this, but good for Ralph Smith if this is true.

Thanks to Michael Abraham for the tip.


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