Thursday, April 8, 2010

You Want Misspeling, I'll Give You Misssppelling

They're bemoaning the misspelling of "San Francisco" on a Giants' player's uniform for opening day (right) and I have a match for it.

The misspelling was "San Francicso," a simple transfer of the final "s" and "c". My "Tennesse" (above) is a little more subtle.

The high quality Tennessee hoodie I found at Rugged Warehouse a year ago was marked $5 and I thought, "I just stole a hoodie," when I walked out the door with it.

My wife caught the typo (I never would have). It occurred to me that the lady sewing this (and I say "lady" because it was probably a Honduran peasant working for 5 cents a month) finished the day and looked over on the floor at the large pile of "E"s still lying there.

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